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When I use Chris what data does it access & use?

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TitleWhen I use Chris what data does it access & use?
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When using Chris we will collect and process the following data:

a. Registration Data: a user name chosen by you (“User ID”), your email-address and a password chosen by you. In addition, you may enter additional information like your first and your last name.
b. Usage Data: User ID, your IP address, start time of the session, Last update time of the session, Phone token (which is a hash value for each session (log in)).
c. Speech Recognition Data: Audio Files (voice files of your utterances), GPS Location Data, IP address.
d. Improvement and Training Data: Audio Files, GPS Location data, IP address, Phone ID, operating system on the Phone, Phone model, your Phone language, time when using Chris (phone timestamp, server timestamp), your gestures when interacting with CHRIS, whether you received messages (but not the content of such messages), whether you received a call (but not the content of the call), where you navigate to, and, if provided by you during the registration your gender.
e. Contact Details: if you provide CHRIS access to your contact details stored on your Phone the names (first name and last name) of your contacts.
f. Your Music Library Data: if you provide CHRIS access to your music library stored locally on your Phone the metadata of your Music (songs), including the song title, the album, the artist and the playlists in which the song appears; but not the music/recordings itself.

For more information regarding how we protect your data, please refer to our privacy policy



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